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AKN GROUP, new brand of Sarper Akın.




Sarper Akın, who gained his business experience and initial capital accumulation in the field of printing services and printing materials trade, is one of the first to bring publishing, design, and printing services to the “Online” field with AKN Group. With this model that brings together all the processes of publishing from design to printing under one roof, whether you want to launch your product or just print a single design for your store, everything from creative content management to graphic design, paper supply, and printing services is under one roof within AKN GROUP’s professional organizational structure. We employ your designer, your copywriter, your printing manager, and your shipping personnel. Just tell us about your project.


With AKN GROUP, you will now also find creative solutions and profitable offers for your tourism, engineering, construction, and real estate needs. Sarper Akın, who brings together his team and experience in different business areas with AKN GROUP, continues to grow rapidly by using the opportunities offered by technology. By being a part of the AKN GROUP portfolio, you can make your single property or larger real estate investments much more profitable. You can be a part of the bigger picture. You know, real estate always brings profit in Turkey, but when you are a part of a bigger whole, this profit will increase.


Sarper Akın, who completed his education in industrial engineering with a focus on technology and design-based business models, is now by your side with engineering services and planning consultancy with AKN GROUP. We are here to be your solution partner in increasing efficiency, software, system engineering, and all creative solutions, including machine design and production for all areas requiring engineering. With our well-trained engineering team, we can conduct feasibility studies for technology products to be imported from Europe and America, as well as their installations and initial planning, and provide procurement consultancy in all processes.

About Us

Us AKN Group, the new brand of Sarper Akın, who has over 15 years of experience in design and content production services, as well as printing services, always offering innovative and competitive solutions in the process, making a difference in the industry.

With the AKN Group brand, you will now also encounter real estate investment consultancy and engineering services. Choose AKN Group to add value to your products, your brand, your movable and immovable properties, to receive consultancy services through profit-sharing models, to find investment opportunities and investors, and to use high-cost professionals periodically in your own business.

Let’s find the right content, the right channel, the right human resources, and the right investors for you, and together, with a digital-based flexible working model based on profit-sharing, let’s add value to your business.

AKN Group Services



  • Import of paper and printing materials
  • Types of paper (Coated, American Bristol, Cardboard) 
  • Offset mold (CTCP, CTP, and Conventional)
  • Printing ink and chemicals


  • • Visuals of printed products,
  • Logo, Website, and Smartphone Applications,
  • Generic visual production, 
  • Branding applications, 
  • Content production of all these, and 
  • Creative project management


  • Yacht charter 
  • Luxury accommodation services
  • Premuim event area provision
  • International travel planning


  • Increasing productivity 
  • Software,
  • System engineering, and
  • Machine design and construction, including all creative solutions for issues that you cannot find a solution for.


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Who is Sarper Akın?

Sarper Akın, who has completed his 20th year in his working and investment life, is a young but experienced industrial engineer. After completing his education at Bilkent University, he made his first venture into the printing and printing products industry. First for other investors, then for himself, Sarper Akın opened printing houses. Here, he transferred his experience and accumulated knowledge to the real estate sector. He did business in all processes of real estate except construction. Sarper Akın began to provide investment, installation, and planning services. For 20 years, Akın has only invested in his business and has been visible only in the areas where he does business. With AKN GROUP, he is now consolidating the services and professional team he has accumulated. In the age of digital where “Everything is Everything,” everyone can now reach AKN GROUP.

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